Best Subwoofer Under 500 for a BOOM Experience


A subwoofer also called a sub, is a loudspeaker often used to reproduce sounds which are of low audio frequencies as compared to the woofer. The low audio frequencies called bass or sub-bass are lower than the frequencies produced by a woofer.

The frequency range of a subwoofer is between 20 to 200 Hz for basic consumer products, less than 100 Hz for professional sounds used by artists and below 80Hz in THX approved audio systems which are normally used in professional theatres or cinema sound systems.

Purpose of Subwoofer

A simple home theater system consist of soundbars or speakers, AV receiver and subwoofer. Sometimes they are also used in surround sound setups, or for a surround sound system for your own PC. Subwoofers are not used alone as their main purpose is to amplify the low-frequency range of loudspeakers that mostly cover the higher frequency noises. 

Technically speaking, the word "subwoofer" refers to the speaker driver. But in layman terms, the word often refers to the subwoofer driver mounted in a cabinet (a speaker enclosure) with an amplifier. The first subwoofer was made in the 1960s to enhance the bass in home stereo systems. 

As both the woofer and subwoofer are used to produce low-pitched audio frequencies, the subwoofer produces the frequency band that you tend to feel which is up to 80 Hz and is not audible to the human ear. You feel this sound more than you hear it. Hence subwoofers are widely used these days to enhance the audio quality of the low pitched frequencies. 

Types of Subwoofers

Subwoofers form a key element in almost any stereo system and hence their role is very crucial in audio systems. Subwoofers have many sizes, types and models. There are mainly two types of subwoofers:

  • Passive subwoofers. 
  • Active subwoofers. 

Passive subwoofers have a driver, enclosure and an external amplifier. While active subwoofers have a built-in amplifier. They were popular in the 1970s by the introduction of Sensurround sound in movies like Earthquake which produced a very loud low-frequency sound. 

Importance of subwoofers

A lot of people think that two speakers, a left and a right stereo speaker are not enough for high-end home or mini-theatre audio systems. In-home music or theatre audio system sub-woofers play a crucial role in enhancing LFE (Low-frequency effects).

The use of subwoofers is important because most of the audio systems are not capable of reproducing all the sounds sent to them by the audio sources. If not for the subwoofer, you will be missing out on a lot of low pitched sounds. Due to the low-frequency sounds, you get a full, rich, three-dimensional effect that we love in soundtracks or in music. 

If those sounds are discarded, you won't be able to experience an overall dimension of the movie or music. Subwoofers are small and hence can be concealed anywhere without taking a lot of space. While a normal audio system with 2 speakers cannot emphasize on the bass, best subwoofer under 500 that are perfect to add to your sound system. They give you a thorough user experience and thus are very useful.

How to choose the best subwoofer

With all the advanced technology, new models coming up and novel upgrades in the market, how do you choose the best subwoofer under 500 for yourself?

It becomes difficult to pick one from the sea of best subwoofer under 500 in the market but all you have to do is make sure that the subwoofer’s amplifier is strong enough to power the driver. It also becomes important to see that the subwoofer's frequency range and other crossover settings blend perfectly with your main speakers.

Any discussion about choosing a sub would revolve mostly around the driver and the power so if you have these two things figured out, you have nothing to worry about. The best subwoofer under 500 will always need to have a linear driver, an accurate and powerful amplifier and a well designed and built cabinet.

The cheapest solution for adding a sub to your home theatre is a wired one in which you take the output of the TV and simply plug it into the sub and you're all set to enjoy your home theatre.

REVIEW OF THE Best subwoofer under 500

1) Polk Audio PSW10 - Best Budget SUBWOOFER

Best subwoofer under 500

This best subwoofer under 500 is easy-to-connect and easy-to-use with your home theater for your music system. Its driver produces smooth, deep and clear audio response and enhances on details and is very accurate with very little distortion.

The sub is powered with a high current amplifier and hence its use is very efficient as a product. These features make this sub a highly recommended one and it is used widely. The Polk is a known company and with its history and place in the market, its market value is very high.


  • Single 10" Subwoofer: This unique feature allows a specially tuned and directed audio port to enhance and maximize the bass impact for an overall experience.
  • Great amplifier power: Its in-built 50-watt RMS amplifier doubles the power up to 100 Watts. Perfect engineering with great in-class resonance-free driver materials makes it sub durable and fit for extended use.
  • Easy to use with already existing systems: This sub has an internal and external connection which can be easily connected to any device which will upgrade the sound instantly. 
  • Louder sound even at high volumes: One great thing about this sub is that it blends with almost any speaker and plays the notes without any distortion. 


  • Easy to connect to any speaker.
  • The sleek design makes it look classy.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Minutely tuned for distortion-free low-frequency sounds.
  • Excellent bass response.


  • Easy to connect to any speaker.
  • Minutely tuned for distortion-free low-frequency sounds.


best subwoofer under 500

Similar to the 10" powered subwoofer, the Polk Audio PSW505 emphasizes on the low, high and medium frequencies. This sub has outstanding features and is built with precision. Its audio quality is fairly good and is recommended for mini-theatres and home-theatres.

It reproduces all subtle sounds with clarity and is a great sub for a party. The Polk Audio makes sure the product is perfect to use and hence this best subwoofer under 500 can be trusted. 


  • 12-inch Long Throw Driver: This long driver gives longer excursion and better linearity to the audio.
  • Adjustable low pass crossover, phase switch and volume control: These tools help the sub to enhance the sound and helps perfect blending with any speaker 
  • Rock-solid MDF construction: Polk subs are great for use because they're built perfectly. They give out accurate response and distortion-free bass.
  • 300 Watt Continuous (460 Watt Dynamic) power amplifier: The High current power amplifier produces the sound better which in turn helps to enhance the audio quality.
  • Slot Load Venting: The wide, long slotted vent lessens turbulence, extra noise and audio distortion which thus creates precise, thunderous bass. 


  • Slot Load Venting improves bass response.
  • Blends perfectly with any speakers.
  • Looks smart.
  • A perfect choice for big rooms.


  • Low durability.
  • Not recommended for tight, fast sub and primarily music listening.

3) BIC America F12 subwoofer - High Powered Subwoofer

Best subwoofer under 500

From the softest sounds to the higher impact sounds, Horn drivers have no competition when it comes to audio quality and frequency range. The BIC Formula Theater Series carries the legacy of the first Formula Series introduced in 1973. This is one of the most trusted and best subwoofer under 500 in the market.

They offer an output capability like the ones in live rock bands or concerts. This sub is the result of all the refinements of the previous subs in its category. As years passed by, the BIC Formula Theatre Series became more and more advanced and took a place in the market. They are listed best in many categories and have great features. 


  • Patented BIC "Venturi" vent: This port reduces noise and gives clarity to the audio.
  • Backed by 5-year warranty: In case of damage, the 5-year warranty promises to take care of the sub even after it is used a lot.
  • Great drivers: 12-inch injection-moulded woofer with heavy-duty sound surround helps to improve the audio quality.
  • Inputs: There are two inputs available for Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS
  • Adjustable crossover, adjustable volume control, automatic signal sensing, high-level inputs help to make the product a masterpiece in itself.


  • Can be placed in small places due to its small disposition.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Value for price is high.
  • Works extremely well in home theatre systems.


  • The volume is very high for small places.


4) Klipsch Reference R-10SW - Best Studio Subwoofer

Best subwoofer under 500

With the use of best subwoofer under 500, music, games and movies will be extraordinary because of its amazing sound quality. It is flexible and hence can be placed in any room for enhancing the bass on demand. It provides an amazing low-frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion and less effort.

This sub gives you an even and smooth dispersion of bass depending on the size of your room and its layout. The bass is evenly adjusted and this product is used worldwide by a lot of people. The company has its value and name in the market and promises to come up with the best features for each model of subs.


  • 300 watts power: This sub is driven by a powerful 300 watts amplifier which is well suited for use.
  • 10" copper-spun front-firing woofer: This makes it extremely light but rigid and hence blends audio perfectly with very low distortion.
  • Low pass crossover and phase control.
  • Used excessively for both, movies and music.
  • Line/LFE inputs for compatibility.


  • Exceptionally light yet extremely rigid.
  • Solid bass response.
  • Copper looks very sleek and classy for a party.
  • Great sound quality.


  • Very loud for small apartments.
  • Value for money is high.

5) Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer -  Best Powered Subwoofer

Best subwoofer under 500

Similar to the previous sub and walking along the same lines, the R-12SW sub is one of a kind. It's enthralling high performance provides deep and clear bass. It is very flexible because of the front-firing driver.

The company was founded by Paul W. Klipsch who was an engineer, inventor and certified genius. He was determined to make the audio quality of movies and shows a big hit.

He always wanted the world to be a better sounding place. Hence, the company's tag says "You're not buying a speaker - you're buying a piece of American audio history. " which is true in all senses. The Klipsch company has great respect in the speaker market and hence it’s credentialing can be fully trusted. 


  • 12" copper-spun front-firing woofer makes this product a well to use sub
  • Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth: This gives the sub a dynamic look.
  • All-digital amplifier: all-digital amplifier gives 400 watts of strong power to the sub.
  • Low pass crossover and phase control.
  • LFE inputs for compatibility with most other receivers make it easy to use.


  • Classy look and sleek design.
  •  Clean, tight bass.
  • Great value for money. 


  • The bass seems to rattle sometimes in small enclosures.

6) BIC Acoustech PL-200 II - VERSATILE front firing subwoofer

Best subwoofer under 500

If you are looking for the best subwoofer under 500 which looks and sounds great then you can check out PL-200 II subwoofer. It is driven by a state-of-the-art BASH amplifier which has the capacity to deliver up to 1000-watts peak output. Thus, there is no doubt about the audio quality of this sub.

Its 8-year warranty makes it valuable and thus gives the consumers a total benefit for buying it. Its design and gross black colour emphasize it looks and makes it a good choice. Its looks make it an impressive addition to your home theatre. This sub is great for use. 


  • Front-Firing 12" Long-Throw Powered Subwoofer.
  • 1000 Watts Dynamic Peak Output, 250 Watts RMS Continuous: This enhances the LFE and the user experience is enhanced.
  • Highly recommended for home theatres
  • Frequency Response: 22Hz - 200Hz: This sub has an adjustable crossover and easy volume controls.
  • It also has a high power magnet and long excursion surround.


  • Worthy for its price.
  • Great build quality.
  • Looks and sounds great.
  • The lacquer finish on the top is elegant and beautiful.


  • Not very compatible with other devices.
  • Despite the warranty, the durability of the product is not very good.

7) YAMAHA NS-SW050BL - Best affordable powered subwoofer

best subwoofer under 500

Also called as the compact subwoofer, this sub incorporates a lot of features or Yamaha, advanced technologies and perfect services. As they say "Yamaha knows music", this beautiful sub produces excellent bass and enriches the experience of watching a movie at home or making a mini home theatre, grooving on a song or simply watching TV. This makes your audio system an absolute glory.

Yahama has wide recognition in the world and its services are well known throughout the world. The Yamaha 8" is a perfect sub for your house and looking at the history of its use, its usability and value can be inferred. 


  • New twisted flare port: Results into a clear and tight bass
  • Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) which marks the legacy of Yamaha.
  • 8” cone woofer.
  • A stylish addition to your room and has the ability to convince you that it is something more than just a black box.
  • Dynamic Power with a 100 Watts (5 ohms) amplifier.


  • Classic addition to your home theatre.
  • Bass response is powerfully rich and impactful.
  • Stylishly elegant due to its dark black colour.
  • As it is compact, it can fit effortlessly anywhere.
  •  Bumps pretty hard for its size.


  • No guarantee of the product.

8) YAMAHA NS-SW100BL - Best Car Subwoofer

Best subwoofer under 500

Similar to the Yamaha 8" 100W sub, this is bigger in size. The features and descriptions of both the subs are almost the same except for a few minor details including the size and price.

As mentioned earlier, Yamaha is a trusted company and has been in the market for years and hence its products can be trusted. Over the years, the subs have upgraded and evolved but the basic quality of Yamaha remains the same. The market trusts the products of Yamaha and their external services are also very good. 


  • New twisted flare port which produces a high and tight bass.
  • Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) as the company promises it's purity and quality.
  • 10” cone woofer resulting in a powerful bass sound.
  • Stylish addition to your house to enhance the sound quality of your audio. 


  • Good volume control features.
  • High and powerful bass quality.
  • Great value for money.
  • Made of good and lasting material.
  • Easy to use for amps with built-in crossover and phase.


  • No guarantee of the product.
  • Can be very loud.


Subwoofers add on to your audio experience and they can provide an enriching experience. Using it for your home theater makes it a big hit for your movie and music experience. They not only enhance the audio quality but also provide greet bass to your TV.

While buying a sub, check the drive and power of the sub well before you move on to buy it. Passive subs are easy to use as compared to active subs so make sure your external and internal connections of the sub are apt. While buying a sub for your system, make sure you consult your dealer and it is fixed properly in your audio system.

The best subwoofer under 500 are a marvel to a boring audio system so if you are someone who loves the thrill and you want an overall three-dimensional experience while watching your favourite movie or TV show. Do not forget to add a subwoofer to your sound system.

Also, you can add 1 or 2 subs to fit well for your speakers. It totally depends on you how you want your theatre to sound while considering the size of the room and your sound system.

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